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The Merck Institutional Susceptibility Testing (MIST) Program for imipenem/relebactam provides Research Use Only (RUO) Etest® strips containing imipenem/relebactam, in limited quantities, at no cost to the institution.

The purpose of the MIST Program is to enable laboratories to assess antimicrobial susceptibility patterns in their institutions (i.e. local epidemiology). The RUO Etest® strips containing imipenem/relebactam are available for research use only; they are not for use in diagnostic procedures and results obtained from these materials are not to be used for clinical diagnosis or patient management.

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Please complete the following form to enroll in this program and receive a limited supply of RUO Etest® strips containing imipenem/relebactam from IHMA, Inc. Upon registration request, IHMA, Inc. will complete your enrollment within 48 hours. By participating in the MIST Program and accepting RUO Etest® strips containing imipenem/relebactam, you agree to the terms and conditions listed below. Enrollment and participation in the MIST Program is intended only for institutions in the United States.

If you would like more information about the MIST Program, please contact IHMA, Inc. (1-800-738-3344 or email mist-ruo@ihma.com).

Should you have any technical questions regarding imipenem/relebactam susceptibility testing using these RUO products, please contact IHMA, Inc. at 1-800-738-3344 or email mist-ruo@ihma.com.

Terms & Conditions

All testing materials are for in vitro evaluation use only. Use of any testing materials to determine therapeutic options for patient treatment or any other diagnostic purpose is prohibited. The institution is prohibited from charging any patient or third-party payer for any testing materials or including the value of the testing materials on any cost report submitted to any government agency or other third party. The institution may not transfer any materials provided through this program, including RUO Etest® strips containing imipenem/relebactam, to another party or laboratory. The institution acknowledges that the provision of testing materials through this program is not contingent on, nor intended to serve as an inducement or reward for, any past or future purchases of Merck products. Merck reserves the right to publicly disclose information collected under this program or otherwise disclose information as may be required by law. In particular, certain Federal and State laws require that Merck disclose payments or other transfers of value provided to healthcare professionals or teaching hospitals. Please be advised that information such as your name, your institution’s name, and the value and purpose of any item of value received may be publicly disclosed. Data from this program is for the local site’s reference only. The institution agrees that data generated will not be used for external publication. This program may be discontinued at any time.

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