The Merck Institutional Susceptibility Testing (MIST) Program for imipenem/relebactam provided Research Use Only (RUO) Etest® strips containing imipenem/relebactam, in limited quantities, at no cost to the institution. The purpose of the MIST Program was to enable laboratories to assess antimicrobial susceptibility patterns in their institutions (i.e. local epidemiology). The RUO Etest® strips containing imipenem/relebactam were available for research use only; they were not for use in diagnostic procedures and results obtained from these materials were not to be used for clinical diagnosis or patient management.

The MIST Program for imipenem/relebactam is now discontinued. The expiration date for the RUO Etest® strips containing imipenem/relebactam was September 14, 2019. Commercially available susceptibility testing devices will likely be available at the end of September 2019.